Our Mission


Mitov Software is specialized in development of high performance software and Data Flow solutions involving:

  • Video Processing
  • Audio Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Real Time Data Acquisition
  • Communications
  • Process Control
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Visualization 
  • Visual Instrumentation
  • Parallel and Grid Computing
  • Hardware Control


In addition we offer
       tick  Custom Development
       tick  Consulting
       tick  Licensing of some core Technologies including the OpenWire Editor



Job Opportunities


Mitov Software is looking for a remote contract developer experienced in VCL or FireMonkey component development.  This is expected to be a long term, full time contract opportunity, and may become a full time direct hire position in the future.  As part of our team, you will be working on the architecture and the development of the the next generation cross platform, distributed execution component libraries and the supporting design time editors and IDE Plug-Ins.
Strong experience in component and multithreading development is required.  Knowledge and experience in C++, and Open Tools API is strongly desired.  Experience in multimedia, OpenGL, OpenCL, GDI+, parallel processing, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, internet protocols, or cross platform development is a plus.
If you think you have the skills, if you are a creative, and imaginative person, and if you want to work on cutting edge technologies where you can test all of your ideas, while working from your own location, and at your own time schedule, this position may just be the right one for you!
If you are interested, please e-mail Boian Mitov at mitov@mitov.com.
Also, we are looking for sales representatives. For details, please contact Boian Mitov.

Contact Information

Email:  mitov@mitov.com


Mitov Software LLC

11326 Rosecreek Dr.

Moorpark, CA 93021


Technology Partners

Innovative Integration - Data acquisition and DSP boards.


Embarcadero - A major development tools and solutions provider.


We are glad to announcement about mutual partnership (MoU) between Mitov Software LLC (USA) and NeoEra Innovision LLP (India).

Mitov Software LLC and NeoEra Innovision LLP will work together on the development and adding new features in Visuino, and future projects.

Our History


  • Added RAD Studio 10.3 Rio support for the libraries
  • Added Linux support for most of the components
  • Added iOS support for most of the components
  • Redesigned the OPC Client support in ControlLab
  • Updated more of teh components to cross platform
  • Introduced the first implementation of the new Dynamic Type Info(TM) technology


  • Added RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support for the libraries
  • Added Visual Studio 2017 support for the libraries
  • Added support for 64 bit Visual C++ support for the libraries
  • Updated the Visual C++ support to all versions of Visual Studio up to Visual Studio 2017
  • Releasd the first Beta of ControlLab
  • Added MQTT component to CommunicationLab
  • Added ServerSocket component to CommunicationLab
  • Released the first Beta of Visuino Pro
  • Improved Visuino support


  • Added RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support
  • Improved Visuino support
  • Introduced new significanltly enchanced Delphi Design time editors


  • Added RAD Studio 10 Seattle support.
  • Added Visual Studio 2015 support
  • Released Visuino
  • Released CommunicationLab
  • Expanded parallel execution and GPU execution support
  • Introduced OpenWire Studio hosting support in RAD Studio and Visual Studio


  • Added RAD Studio XE5 and XE6 support.
  • Added FFMPeg support
  • Released AnimationLab
  • Introduced Mitov.Runtime


  • Added RAD Studio XE4 support
  • Released OpenWire Studio Beta1
  • Release OpenWire Live Bindings


  • Version 5.0.2 of the libraries is released.
  • Visual Live Bindings Beta1 is released.
  • Version 5.0.3 of the libraries is released with RAD Studio XE3 support.
  • Native 64 bit support is added to all Delphi and .NET versions.
  • OpenWire Editor for .NET Beta1 is released.


  • FireMonkey Beta1 version of the libraries has been released.
  • Beta version of the new OpenWire Editor has been released.
  • Delphi and C++ Builder XE2 version of the libraries has been released.
  • Version 5.0 of the libraries has been released.
  • IntelligenceLab has been officially released.


  • Version 4.5 of the libraries has been released.
  • The first beta version of the IntelligenceLab has been released.


  • The free open source IGDI+ has been released.
  • The first beta version of the InstrumentLab has been released.
  • Version 4.0.1 of the libraries has been released.
  • Mitov Software has moved back to Moorpark CA.
  • InstrumentLab is released for VCL, VC++ and .NET.
  • Versions 4.2 P4 and 4.3 of the libraries have been released.


  • Version 4.0 of the libraries has been released.


  • Mitov Software has moved to Berkeley CA.
  • .NET versions of all the libraries are released.
  • Pre-release Technology Preview of the OpenWire editor is released.


  • Visual C++ versions of all the libraries are officially released.
  • Beta version of the PlotLab.NET is released.
  • We have become CodeGear Technology Partner.


  • Visual C++ version of all the libraries are created.
  • VisionLab is released.
  • Video Output support is added.
  • Independent Audio and Video compression components are added.
  • PlotLab is released.
  • AudioLab is officially released.


  • DirectShow support is introduced in VideoLab and AudioLab.
  • AudioLab is released as Beta.
  • The development of VisionLab begins.
  • VisionLab is released as Beta.
  • All of the packages are redesigned to support full multithreading.
  • Mitov Software is founded.




  • The development of SignalLab and VideoLab begins.
  • mitov.com starts offering consulting services.
  • VideoLab is released as Beta.


  • OpenWire 1.0 is officially released.
  • Innovative Integration’s Armada 2.0 library is released.


  • OpenWire is rewritten in Delphi.
  • The development of the Innovative-Integration OpenWire based Armada 2.0 package begins.


  • The first proto-implementation of OpenWire is written in C++ Builder.


  • mitov.com starts operating as a personal C++ Builder development web site.
  • mitov.com offers free components for Delphi and C++ Builder.


December 21, 2018more...

The latest RAD Studio 10.3 Rio compatible versions of Libraries and OpenWire Studio are now available on the site

November 12, 2018more...

The latest RAD Studio 10.2, and Visual Studio 2017 compatible versions of Libraries and OpenWire Studio are now available on the site

January 22, 2018more...

Delphi 10.2.2 Tokyo versions available

May 4, 2016more...

10.1 Berlin Support in Latest Release

October 28, 2015more...

10 Seattle Support in Latest Release

July 3, 2015more...

OpenWire Studio Beta5

February 13, 2015more...

OpenWire Studio Beta4

December 20, 2014more... Release for .NET

April 15, 2014more...

NEW! XE6 Components Release with new Android Support

June 12, 2013more...

NEW RELEASE: Version 6.0 of our Component Librarys -- includes OpenWire Editor

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